Definition of Free Church in US English:

Free Church


  • A Christian Church which has dissented or seceded from an established Church.

    • ‘Even Free Church congregations, who normally shun all talk of saints' feasts and ‘vain’ festivals, bear the St Columba badge.’
    • ‘He eventually became a Free Church minister in Stuttgart in 1954, and until the mid-1970s was known in German evangelical circles.’
    • ‘New legislation covers the relationship with the state, and the traditional Free Churches will have to adapt to a new situation, one which they have worked and waited for during 150 years.’
    • ‘Baptists, like other denominations of the Free Church heritage, defy easy explanations.’
    • ‘It dates from 1846, three years after the Reverend David Paton and the other Disruption ministers left the Church of Scotland to form the Free Church.’
    • ‘In some cases, Baptists mirrored the experience of other denominations; in other situations, it was a uniquely Free Church set of variables.’
    • ‘Communion of bread and wine is an entirely symbolic ritual in the Free Church, performed only twice a year and crucially without the power of transubstantiation attributed to it in the Catholic faith.’
    • ‘The spirituality of Slavic Free Churches became better known to Estonian Baptists through personal contacts and translated materials in spite of the restricted circulation of even typewritten writings.’
    • ‘In 1923 and 1925, Swedish Free Churches appealed to the government to abolish this regulation but without results.’
    • ‘He helped found the Free Church when it broke from the established Church of Scotland in 1843 and edited a religious newspaper, the Witness, in which he expounded on the issues of the day.’
    • ‘Consequently, the Free Churches are often neglected within the worldwide ecumenical conversation-even though they constitute one of the fastest growing Christian groups.’
    • ‘In addition to this, the Baptists were the only Free Church in Estonia that had given systematic theological education on the seminary level in the 1920s and 1930s.’
    • ‘He trained at the Free Church College, Edinburgh, and began working as a Free Church missionary in South Africa in mid-1989.’
    • ‘The local churches, and not just the Free Church, refused to hold Christmas services.’
    • ‘Smith remained active in the Free Church and was an influential scholar both in the church and in the larger world outside.’
    • ‘The largest of the Free Churches is the Methodist Church with about a million members, followed by the Baptist church and United Reformed Church’
    • ‘Sixteen percent of Tongans are Roman Catholic, 14 percent belong to the Free Church of Tonga, and nine percent are Mormon.’
    • ‘Co-ordinating chaplains may be Anglicans, Roman Catholics, Free Church, Muslim or - if deemed appropriate in a particular situation - of another religion.’
    • ‘Cultivation of the spiritual gifts and practices has long been a part of the more liturgical traditions, but more and more Free Church Christians are developing an interest in spirituality.’
    • ‘In Scotland the established church was Presbyterian, and in 1843 the majority of Church of Scotland evangelicals seceded to form the Free Church.’


Free Church

/ˌfrē ˈCHərCH//ˌfri ˈtʃərtʃ/