Definition of free-spending in US English:



  • (of a person or their behavior) spending money in an extravagant way.

    ‘cruise ships brimming with free-spending tourists’
    • ‘American tourists, the free-spending mainstay of many a European or Asian resort, will venture out in far smaller numbers this year.’
    • ‘Wilkinson's role of Gerald, the foreman who could not face telling his free-spending wife that he had been sacked, appealed to all audiences.’
    • ‘The new focus on security won't bring a return to the free-spending days of the late '90s.’
    • ‘Such viewers tend to come from the most desirable demographics - younger, busier, more free-spending.’
    • ‘"In relation to some businesses, Hollywood probably looks a little free-spending," he concedes.’
    • ‘It was the end of seven years of hiding and living the high life in Port Alfred for the free-spending playboy.’
    • ‘Very soon its free-spending babyboomers will reach retirement age without the capacity to pay for themselves.’
    • ‘The astounding success of Teen People's 1.5 million circulation showed there was ample room on the newsstand to cater to the largest, most free-spending teenage American generation ever.’
    • ‘Advertisers, too, are rushing in to woo men in their free-spending years.’
    • ‘We are a nation of free-spending consumers.’