Definition of free-form in US English:



  • Not conforming to a regular or formal structure or shape.

    ‘a free-form jazz improvisation’
    • ‘Amid her free-form meandering, you quickly detect a sense of control.’
    • ‘The chosen shape was a genuine free-form structure impossible to analyze logically.’
    • ‘He and his young fellow poets gave up their limitations and wrote the free-form work for which they are now best known.’
    • ‘It's taken decades of experience making dance for such a free-form choreographic approach to develop.’
    • ‘The structures also served as monumental public canvases for free-form artistic expression.’
    • ‘Some feature a structured schedule, others have a free-form approach.’
    • ‘A former free-form jazz bass player, he grew up listening to acoustic music, but originally resisted playing it.’
    • ‘These tiles are characterized by slender lines, geometric shapes, or more free-form patterns.’
    • ‘It's the desperate lack of calculation, the pure, free-form innovation that allows these two to launch off of jazz into textural sonic glory.’
    • ‘He continues to design in monumental free-form curves, using every angle except a right one.’
    • ‘A delicious pizza doesn't have to be round - square, rectangular or even free-form tastes as good.’
    • ‘Working in the style of Henry Moore, we'll carve a small, free-form sculpture.’
    • ‘The lights dim and some funky free-form jam music starts up and one by one the band members thread their way onto the stage.’
    • ‘But despite candy-coating those issues in a pop frame, the lyrics sound like grave, free-form poetry forced into a melody.’
    • ‘My first stop there is the hotel's spa with its free-form tropical swimming pool and fully-equipped health club.’
    • ‘A flowerbed in the shape of a circle, square, or octagon looks formal, while one with a free-form shape has a casual look.’
    • ‘The same mix of earth and straw has allowed us to create highly curved sculptural interior walls, bancos for seating, as well as free-form fireplaces.’
    • ‘It's a strange way for a group playing free-form jazz to operate - often, visual cues are a necessity when there's little or no preset structure to your music.’
    • ‘The concerts still feature free-form dancers, light shows and musicians in outlandish costumes marching through the audience while chanting and singing.’
    • ‘His free-form fossil pieces hark back to pre-historic times, and only the odd Chinese character gives away their origin.’



/ˈfrē ˌfô(ə)rm//ˈfri ˌfɔ(ə)rm/