Definition of free-flowing in English:



  • 1Moving in a continuous, steady stream.

    ‘free-flowing traffic’
    • ‘"If people see a free-flowing road, they'll use it," says Chen.’
    • ‘At that meeting, the questions were free-flowing.’
    • ‘Our studies show it's only necessary to reduce traffic load a tiny amount to make it free-flowing again.’
    • ‘What was a free-flowing road became sluggish and slow.’
    • ‘Information has to be free-flowing.’
    • ‘They've also changed two free-flowing rivers into a series of giant slackwater pools.’
    • ‘It needs free-flowing streams with clear rock surfaces to survive and reproduce.’
    • ‘Time will tell whether the Ireland of the future resembles a free-flowing, integrated highway system or the ' Rock Road on a wet Thursday morning.’
    • ‘In the 1960s and early '70s, manic civil engineers and perverse planners decided to demolish a great deal of the centre to make way for free-flowing traffic.’
    • ‘A proposed new regional wastewater treatment plant near Charlotte would discharge between 80 and 100 million gallons per day into one of the few remaining free-flowing stretches of the river.’
    • ‘In light of our better understanding of river ecology, dams are starting to come down across the continent; many experts expect that the 21st century will be the age of free-flowing rivers.’
    • ‘Free-flowing golden brown hair waved gently over her shoulders.’
    • ‘Free-flowing three-lane roads end up in giant free car parks.’
    • ‘Copaiba balsam is produced as a rich free-flowing liquid, by various trees of Copaifera species.’
    • ‘A gasoline tax raises the cost of driving on roads that are relatively free-flowing, for example, in sparsely populated areas or urban areas on weekends.’
    • ‘As traffic becomes increasingly jammed on clogged roads, the NRA has, literally, a captive audience ready to be seduced by the promise of free-flowing highways.’
    • ‘He can now point to the benefits of a free-flowing river.’
    • ‘Free-flowing information breaks down barriers.’
    • ‘But can science find the means to thrive in a free-flowing digital information environment and still serve all its masters?’
    • ‘Protected from development as part of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, the last free-flowing nontidal stretch of the Columbia River runs for 51 miles in Washington State.’
    1. 1.1 (of movement or play in sports) smooth and fluent.
      ‘the free-flowing movements of modern dance’
      • ‘Ideally, in rugby, for example, the players are encouraged to pursue a free-flowing, open style of game, with speed and vitality, imaginative moves, and with strength.’
      • ‘It is trying to make your body look as weird or robotic as possible, but in a free-flowing way.’
      • ‘The gameplay is completely different and although the fundamentals remain the same, run, kick, handball, this time they have been able to create a more free-flowing style.’
      • ‘They looked a far stronger outfit in the second half as they opted for a more free-flowing style of rugby.’
      • ‘Other ways will have to be found to lessen the impact of fouls on the result and to encourage free-flowing football.’
      • ‘She saw a flier advertising "moving with the eyes closed" and showed up excited for a free-flowing dance class.’
      • ‘The playful activities would include babbling, imitation, repetition and exploration of tonal and rhythm patterns along with free-flowing movement.’
      • ‘The dancing, while beautifully disciplined, seemed as easy and free-flowing as a warm wind.’
      • ‘Llodra's free-flowing backhand return causes Henman a few problems in the opening points.’
      • ‘Were four points to be awarded for a goal, two for an over-the-bar score from play, and one for a free kick, the great free-flowing skills of Gaelic football would be hugely encouraged.’
      smooth, effortless, easy, natural, fluid, unbroken, uninterrupted, continuous
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    2. 1.2 (of drink) available in abundant quantities.
      ‘free-flowing champagne’
      • ‘There are times that they sound like The Ventures after a night of free-flowing pina coladas.’
      • ‘The North By Northeast festival tends to have lots of free-flowing booze.’
      • ‘It seems like every time the booze is free-flowing we always get into some trouble, so it usually makes for some messy times.’
      • ‘Kilkenny, the Marble City, may be Ireland's smallest city but it has a lot going for it apart from the free-flowing 'craic' - not to mention the equally free-flowing Guinness!’
      • ‘He had every expectation of joining a world of journalism characterized by high status, little adult supervision, sexual opportunity, and free-flowing alcohol.’
      • ‘You can opt for a half-board hotel and choose your own restaurant, or book into a ski chalet of 10 or 12 rooms where gourmet dining and free-flowing wine are part of the all-in price.’
      • ‘I had always heard rumors about press events: the free-flowing booze, the partying, the fun, the excitement and, of course, the games.’
      • ‘What happens when you mix the biggest names in hip hop with stunning scenery, a luxury hotel, free-flowing alcohol, piles of food, showcases, parties and women who are models?’
      • ‘The summer preview event that featured Spirit offered free-flowing alcohol, Wolfgang Puck hors d' ouevres, a live performance by Bryan Adams and Hans Zimmer … and a few film clips.’
      • ‘As a result of the bad vibes, free-flowing alcohol, and dissatisfied audiences, the concerts were reported to be extremely ragged.’