Definition of fratricidal in US English:



  • Relating to or denoting conflict within a single family or organization.

    ‘the fratricidal strife within the Party’
    • ‘It has all but scrapped any protection for its members on the shop floor, and helped management pit worker against worker in a fratricidal struggle over a dwindling number of jobs.’
    • ‘We also appeal to end all fratricidal conflicts so as to strengthen regional unity.’
    • ‘Thousands lived and died without ever unpicking the unique dilemmas that that fratricidal conflict created.’
    • ‘But over the years he has wormed - sorry, worked - his way into the Prime Minister's affections, a rare achievement in this fractious and fratricidal administration.’
    • ‘Such a policy can only fatally undermine worker resistance and strengthen the hand of the auto bosses, as it pits Canadian, US and Mexican workers against each other in a fratricidal struggle over a shrinking number of jobs.’
    • ‘Because they wish to avoid fratricidal conflict, these groups are cooperating with one another and coordinating attacks at the operational and tactical levels despite profound political differences.’
    • ‘As a result of this fratricidal war which lasted for three years, many people still have horrible memories of the war.’
    • ‘Because of the fractious, even fratricidal, nature of local resistance movements, local government officials were often caught between the forces of rival guerrilla chiefs.’
    • ‘Almost any news story involving a professional organization rent by fratricidal conflicts, financial controversy and bitter generational divisions would be catnip to a reporter.’
    • ‘These institutions have also contributed materially to the growth of social tensions, communalism and ultimately bloody fratricidal conflicts.’
    • ‘Through her bold, farsighted and innovative leadership there came an end to the fratricidal clashes and state of war of two decades.’
    • ‘This brought to an end the fratricidal struggle for markets and profits, which had so characterised the depressed economic conditions of the two decades between the wars.’
    • ‘This subject not only bespoke a need for reassurance after years of fratricidal bloodshed but also marked a cultural transition from exploration to settlement.’
    • ‘Catholics and Protestants of Ireland were in fratricidal conflict for about a century.’
    • ‘Acknowledgement of such failure has not led to a dramatic change in efficiency at either agency, despite public vows to co-operate with each other and to end the fratricidal war of a thousand leaks by which each discredited the other.’
    • ‘Up-rooted and frustrated, the exiled resort to their worst traditions, vendetta and fratricidal war.’
    • ‘Billions of dollars have been squandered on a fratricidal war, while vital social and physical infrastructure, including elementary plans to combat natural catastrophes, has been neglected and run down.’
    • ‘‘What is happening is the result of a fracture within a single group, a fratricidal war,’ he said.’