Definition of fraternization in US English:


(British fraternisation)


  • See fraternize

    • ‘A journalist from Madras remarked that ‘great fraternisation among the Pakistanis and the Indians was witnessed everywhere during the Test match days’.’
    • ‘The 2001 rules limited fraternization among agents and informants and instituted a Confidential Informant Review Committee that included federal prosecutors.’
    • ‘They accept the logic of peaceful coexistence: cultural synthesis, religious tolerance, social fraternization, short of assimilation, partnership in development, political understanding.’
    • ‘One argument against including women fully in the military has been the fear that the mutual attraction of men and women would create problems of improper fraternization and sexual intimacy.’
    • ‘During these months, especially at the beginning, there was a good deal of fraternization between the two sides, complete with competitions, gambling, and dinners.’