Definition of Fraser fir in US English:

Fraser fir


  • A North American fir tree, occurring primarily in the mountains of Virginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

    Abies fraseri, family Pinaceae

    • ‘Soil testing prior to planting is required to determine if Fraser fir can be successfully grown on the site.’
    • ‘The combination of form, needle retention, dark blue-green color, pleasant scent and excellent shipping characteristics has led to Fraser fir being a most popular Christmas tree species.’
    • ‘The most common tree is the Fraser fir, which requires six to ten years to reach its most popular size of six to seven feet.’
    • ‘Balsam fir and Fraser fir have many similar characteristics, although geographic ranges of the two species do not overlap.’
    • ‘During 1997, seedlings for additional Fraser fir progeny tests will be grown in the greenhouse.’
    • ‘The infestation has resulted in a massive die-off of Fraser fir trees throughout the Southern Appalachian Mountains, and in turn, the destruction of the spruce-fir moss spider's habitat.’
    • ‘Douglas-fir, Fraser fir and Scotch and white pine growing on a variety of sites improved significantly when fertilized with 150 to 225 pounds of actual nitrogen per acre treated.’
    • ‘At high altitudes where hemlocks don't range, an adelgid cousin, the balsam wooly adelgid, has destroyed the cool, damp mantle of Fraser fir that once blanketed the high peaks of the Great Smokies in Tennessee and North Carolina.’
    • ‘This is true even though Fraser fir basal area has not declined substantially since the mid-1980s when aldegid infestations killed almost all adult fir trees.’
    • ‘In addition, a species related to HWA, the balsam woolly adelgid, has already killed about 90 percent of the mature Fraser fir trees in the Smokies.’
    • ‘If possible, the branch selected should be backed up by a strong branch growing directly below it, especially on Fraser fir.’
    • ‘More than 95 percent of the mature Fraser firs in the park are dead, robbed of their lifeblood and poisoned by a toxin injected by the adelgid.’
    • ‘A hierarchical sampling scheme for Fraser fir will include paired samples from each of the 6 major population centers.’
    • ‘There are over 50 million Fraser firs grown on 25,000 acres in North Carolina and the Fraser represents 90% of the trees grown for Christmas trees in the state.’
    • ‘The fruit can be heavy, so choose small ones and pick a variety of Christmas tree with sturdy branches such as Fraser fir or spruce.’
    • ‘The farm sells both pre-cut Fraser firs brought in from the mountains and choose-and-cut trees grown on the farm.’
    • ‘No, they wanted a Colorado blue spruce or a Fraser fir.’
    • ‘From 1984 to 1996, the percentage of Fraser firs planted in Ohio more than doubled to about 12 percent of the total, while harvest tripled, also to about 12 percent.’
    • ‘On similar sites, Douglas-fir or Fraser fir may need intensive weed control longer than Scotch pine.’
    • ‘In summary, of the several species that could be planted for Christmas trees in Ohio, five are recommended for general planting in the state: Scotch pine, white pine, Colorado spruce, Fraser fir and Douglas-fir.’