Definition of frankness in US English:



  • The quality of being open, honest, and direct in speech or writing.

    ‘Lisa spoke with disarming frankness about the accident’
    • ‘Information relating to policy decisions would have to be disclosed unless it would substantially prejudice collective responsibility or frankness and candor.’
    • ‘There was a tender innocence about her, a beguiling absurdity, a delightful frankness.’
    • ‘I am extremely grateful for the frankness and honesty with which people engaged with the inquiry across the whole country.’
    • ‘Her doe-eyed frankness gave me goosebumps.’
    • ‘For a guy who has jealously guarded his privacy, he's made a film whose frankness is surprising.’
    • ‘He explained all this to his mother in November 1792, in a letter of perhaps unnecessary frankness.’
    • ‘He was a living example to others by his belief that complete frankness and generous tolerance are not incompatible.’
    • ‘I was confounded by the magnitude of her pain and by the confessional frankness in her tone as she writes about the traumas inflicted upon her and her sisters.’
    • ‘Originally published in 1905, Doctor Glas is a novel of extraordinary immediacy and frankness.’
    • ‘Her affectionate cynicism is an extraordinary change from her previous erotic frankness.’