Definition of franglais in US English:


(also Franglaise)


  • A form of French using many words and idioms borrowed from English.

    • ‘If the epigraph also arouses expectations that the book will play with the poetic, idiomatic and vulgar potential of dropped consonants and arty franglais, then readers are in for a treat.’
    • ‘Are the people who spoke and who continue to speak forms of joual and franglais, or English, not just such ambivalent travelers, existing between languages and identities, in the split temporality of the performative?’
    • ‘So, it's true, franglais elevated to the world's lingua franca would be really convenient for us.’
    • ‘In Cornwall at least, Franco-Ontarians call it franglais and consider it a common practice of switching codes without apprehension.’


1960s: coined in French, from a blend of français ‘French’ and anglais ‘English’.