Definition of franchisee in US English:



  • An individual or company that holds a franchise for the sale of goods or the operation of a service.

    ‘he had a string of regional offices operated by franchisees’
    • ‘The couple were in Paducah for their second franchisee training session.’
    • ‘They provide their franchisees with customized local press releases to send to local papers.’
    • ‘The company provides its franchisees with sales builder kits, including sales contest ideas.’
    • ‘Ultimately, the success of your franchise will depend upon whether potential franchisees want to join your team.’
    • ‘Within the company's network, approximately 40 percent of its 120 franchisees are from ethnic minority backgrounds.’
    • ‘You will need a franchise marketing plan in order to sell the franchise opportunity to possible franchisees.’
    • ‘Normally, the franchisor will give the franchisee a list of approved suppliers from whom the franchisee can buy items directly.’
    • ‘There was a panel discussion, during which franchisees offered advice on retaining customers in the current economic climate.’
    • ‘The most successful franchisees work at becoming knowledgeable businesspeople.’
    • ‘The chief operating officer was talking to the group of new franchisees about marketing.’