Definition of framing in US English:



  • 1The action of framing something.

    • ‘Judging by the canvases stacked in his cramped studio awaiting framing for the exhibition that opens at Brown's later this month, he is as fecund as ever.’
    • ‘Vince made sure the 100 cameras positions and framing was actually based on the staging.’
    • ‘Despite the expressionistic framing and fancy camera angles, the film feels remarkably flat and prosaic.’
    • ‘Much of the impact and tension of a photograph results from angle selection and correct framing at the point where the shutter button is pressed.’
    • ‘Individuals are captured in close-ups and medium shots, while framing is indirect and frazzled.’
    • ‘The result: gorgeous, wide artwork that was gone in a blink on TV but is now worthy of framing.’
    • ‘I'm lucky that I have the training to do most of the framing for my art or photos myself.’
    • ‘The one thing that bothered me throughout both films - more of a distraction than anything else - was the framing.’
    • ‘His efforts have helped strengthen the art and framing industry by educating consumers on the value of custom framing.’
    • ‘Art and custom framing are not staple items that consumers need.’
    • ‘As I wrote a few months ago, I think it's gong to take some careful framing.’
    • ‘The issue of framing, both narrowly and broadly defined, was a focus of the exhibition.’
    • ‘Every single beautiful frame of this film is romantically and emotionally charged and the tight and highly formal framing adds even more intensity to the proceedings.’
    • ‘In watching the film, you'll see several unsteady shots and many instances of bad framing.’
    • ‘Of course, professional framing costs a bit more than buying a frame at Wal-mart and doing it yourself, but with something that really matters to you, its generally a good idea anyway.’
    • ‘Thus, they confronted issues of framing and investigated how videomaking is so much a process of making choices.’
    • ‘The frame shop guy eventually talked me into a really expensive framing.’
    • ‘Participants moved in unexpected ways, and getting the right camera angle and framing was difficult.’
    • ‘Careful framing brings home the precarious situation of everyone in Black Rock.’
    • ‘This framing occurs everyday in our news media.’
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    1. 1.1 Frames collectively.
      • ‘These he developed into transparencies and placed at one end of the room with their unusual framing.’
      • ‘In oversize framing, however, the moulding is a primary support for the object's weight.’
      • ‘At the time, it sold mainly posters and offered do-it-yourself framing.’
      • ‘The advantage of oversize framing, however, is its sheer visual impact.’
      • ‘In purely aesthetic terms, they're stunning in terms of colour and framing.’