Definition of framboise in US English:



  • (in cooking) a raspberry.

    • ‘They are great with coffee, you can serve them with compote rose, you can crumble them on top of riz au lait à la framboise, grind them to make a cheesecake crust, use them to make speculoos ice-cream…’
    • ‘The vendor told me they were framboises americain.’
    • ‘We settled on a framboise and vanilla mousse cake.’
    • ‘The framboises confiture were excellent.’
    • ‘Raspberries I see as a sort of baking commodity, like chocolate chips or ground almonds, and I usually keep a bag of frozen framboises in the freezer: in Paris, fresh raspberries come at too high a price for too tiny a basket to drown their delicate taste in a cake, so I have taken to buying Picard's framboises brisées for my baking.’


French, ‘raspberry’, from a conflation of Latin fraga ambrosia ‘ambrosial strawberry’.