Definition of frae in US English:



  • From.

    ‘you better collect the tab frae the office’
    • ‘He introduced himself as ‘Dougie, frae Dundee’, and he was in the same fix as I was.’
    • ‘And even though he says small-town reserve exasperates him, he can still turn up on a film set and think of himself as the ‘teuchter’ - his description - just doon frae the Spey Valley.’
    • ‘It wad frae mony a blunder free us, an foolish notion.’
    • ‘There's even a family in tonight a’ the way frae Oklahoma.’’
    • ‘And yet, in an age when sports stars can command salaries that resemble telephone numbers, the man known affectionately as Broon frae Troon did not make a penny from his world-class sporting talent.’
    • ‘An’ Ah'm in agony frae yon midge bite oan ma leg - the pain's mair than Ah can bear.’
    • ‘The flurry and flutter caused by his mere presence is the measure of the iconic status of ‘Big Tam frae Fountainbridge’.’
    • ‘It is alleged that the Treasury is to force councils to dig out any spare ‘siller frae the kist’, or because the Treasury is strapped for cash to use any reserves to plug holes in their budgets.’
    • ‘Open yer airms and minds tae folk in need, hain frae fylin and skaith the land and sea, tak tent o justice and the commonweal, ding doon hypocrisy, wanthrift and greed, heeze up the banner o humanity, seek oot the truth and tae the truth be leal.’