Definition of fractional in US English:



  • 1Relating to or expressed as a numerical value that is not a whole number, especially a fraction less than one.

    • ‘Each time we take the reciprocal of the fractional part we usually get another long list of decimal places.’
    • ‘Both have identical fractional parts after the decimal point.’
    • ‘Note that sometimes a new point will be plotted further to the right than any previous one (i.e. its fractional part will be larger than any before it).’
    • ‘Bosanquet's early 1930s papers were on series and integration, a 1930 paper being on fractional integration, a topic he would return to many times.’
    • ‘He examined series expansions and looked at series with fractional powers.’
    • ‘The computer programs implement basic mathematical principles such as basic geometry and fractional math.’
    • ‘In the fractional method shown on this page, we're adding fractional completions in a single unit of time; whereas when we began, we were adding whole completions in multiple units of time.’
    • ‘He also worked on asymptotic analysis, fractional integration and singular partial differential equations.’
    • ‘Much of Burnside's work on hydrodynamics involved the use of complex variable and in papers of 1891 and 1892 he considered the group of linear fractional transformations of a complex variable.’
    • ‘There are sections of the book devoted to arithmetic and geometric progressions, including progressions with a fractional numbers of terms, and formulas for the sum of certain finite series are given.’
    • ‘It is natural to think that the behavior of iterations that start with z 0 = e it, where t is not a fractional part of 2 is chaotic and generate the set dense on the circle.’
    • ‘The second algorithm involves linear programming with randomized rounding to convert fractional assignments into integral ones.’
    • ‘However, the Babylonians has no notation to indicate where the integer part ended and the fractional part began.’
    • ‘The part after the decimal point in number r is often called the fractional part of r and written as frac (r).’
    • ‘There the author describes how mathematicians moved from studying first derivatives, second derivatives, etc., to study fractional derivatives.’
    • ‘Many techniques are available to better assess the true relationship between a continuous predictor and an outcome variable, including fractional polynomials, smoothing splines or other smoothing functions.’
    • ‘This number could be either integral or fractional.’
    • ‘He also studied fractional numbers and learnt much of the impressive contributions that the Arabs had made to mathematics over the preceding 400 years.’
    • ‘One of the first topics he studied, which developed from his early work on electromagnetism, was a new topic, now called the fractional calculus.’
    • ‘Any fractional or decimal value must be multiplied by a whole number to eliminate fractional subscripts.’
    1. 1.1 Small or tiny in amount.
      ‘there was a fractional hesitation before he said yes’
      • ‘Anticipating the beat by fractional amounts on single chords or notes (Blues singers do this all the time to express pain and suffering).’
      • ‘Unemployment figures showed a fractional improvement but separate statistics on redundancies showed an increase of about one-third on this time last year.’
      • ‘Since, for example, a proton has a charge of + 1, a quark would have a fractional charge.’
      • ‘Infants are very sensitive to it and only the most infinitesimal fractional doses should be used.’
      • ‘Astronomers often express the amount of redshift, the fractional change of wavelength, as a dimensionless number, z.’
      • ‘Tiny though this fractional increase seems when expressed this way, the overall amounts are huge.’
      • ‘The researchers found that their bimetallic cathodes worked even more effectively in the ORR than platinum alone, despite only containing a fractional amount of platinum in the monolayer.’
      • ‘And my input is a tiny, fractional thing of a film, and how it's dealt with in post-production, how the studio is marketed.’
    2. 1.2Chemistry Relating to or denoting the separation of components of a mixture by making use of their differing physical properties.
      ‘fractional crystallization’
      • ‘Very few of the components come out of the fractional distillation column ready for market.’
      • ‘Distillation can be used to separate volatile liquids by a process known as fractional distillation.’