Definition of fowlpox in US English:



  • A slow-spreading viral disease of birds that produces wartlike nodules on the skin. Infestations sometimes threaten commercial poultry interests.

    Avipoxvirus, family Poxviridae

    • ‘Since fowlpox is among the largest of viruses, containing more than 200 genes, it is not surprising to find spontaneous, genetic exchange occurring between distinct viruses attacking the same birds.’
    • ‘With a view to improve current fowlpox virus vaccine, we have removed the REV sequences from the fowlpox virus genome.’
    • ‘The invention further relates to eukaryote cells or prokaryote cells containing the recombinant DNA vector or the recombinant fowlpox virus.’
    • ‘In October of 1997, four separate cases of fowlpox occurred within a three week period in the Mission area, all in backyard poultry.’
    • ‘This serious limitation is not observed with canarypox or fowlpox vectors but applies to BCG, poliovirus, or human adenovirus.’
    • ‘One uses the vaccinia virus, a relatively harmless virus used in smallpox vaccines, and the second uses the fowlpox vaccine.’
    • ‘A new form of fowlpox, he said, now threatens poultry production and requires a new vaccine strategy.’