Definition of fourth official in US English:

fourth official


  • An official who assists the referee before, during, and after a match.

    • ‘Pushing and jostling of the referee, assistant referee and fourth official were out of order.’
    • ‘Following the game, the fourth official apparently informed Dunfermline that the handball had been accidental.’
    • ‘By midway through the half he had his first argument with the fourth official about straying out of his area.’
    • ‘Hugh Dallas was fourth official at the World Cup final.’
    • ‘Widespread grumbling filled the Celtic Park bowl yesterday when the fourth official held up a board revealing four minutes of time to be added on.’
    • ‘When the fourth official held up a board showing five minutes of time added on, the home fans started to whistle.’
    • ‘Previously, fourth officials could observe, but not intervene during matches.’
    • ‘This led to his dismissal from the pitch by the fourth official for inciting possible crowd trouble.’
    • ‘Once animated, there was no stopping him - not even regular lectures from the fourth official.’
    • ‘The substitution was delayed by the fourth official's inability to operate the electronic board throughout the match.’
    • ‘Reddin was suspended for ignoring fourth official Brett Bowden's touchline instructions.’
    • ‘The fourth official said he'd got it wrong.’
    • ‘But the fourth official had just signalled five minutes of injury-time when the best happened for Ireland.’
    • ‘The fourth official saw nothing, the linesman saw nothing, but the referee saw something.’
    • ‘The interval was longer than expected as the referee was replaced by the fourth official after pulling his calf muscle.’
    • ‘When fourth official Jimmy O'Neill indicated that there would be two minutes injury time, a number of fans began to leave the ground.’
    • ‘It was perhaps merciful release for Wright-Phillips when his number was held up by the fourth official.’
    • ‘The incident, which initially went unnoticed by the referee but was pointed out by the fourth official, left Sauzee looking gutted.’
    • ‘A fourth official would be better employed trackside with a TV monitor rather than jostling with coaches over toeing the line in the technical area.’
    • ‘With the fourth official showing four minutes of additional time, Danny Murphy floated in a free-kick from the left which found Fenn on the far side of the box.’