Definition of foursome in US English:



  • 1A group of four people.

    ‘he and his fiancée made a foursome with Helen and me’
    • ‘The fearless foursome will be making between 200 and 250 circuits of the track, each lasting around two minutes.’
    • ‘The duo is better known for their winning streak in the 1990s as part of the awesome foursome.’
    • ‘Join the fabulous foursome and call the police.’
    • ‘But the group's 25th anniversary has given the foursome an excuse to reunite, with the tour stopping in Atlantic City tomorrow and New Brunswick on June 28.’
    • ‘Such is the premise for Creative Director Bob Carney's evocative tale of taking golf vacations in foursomes and eightsomes.’
    • ‘The foursome all jumped up like four girls going to their prom.’
    • ‘All of the children's parents knew one another, they had grown up together, but the four kids never became a true foursome until they all met when they were five years old.’
    • ‘The foursome made up a good but not elite squad sponsored by Stryker, the medical-products company.’
    • ‘The participants were placed in groups, in little communities called foursomes, but you knew you were alone.’
    • ‘The babies, who had announced themselves much before delivery through a pre-natal diagnosis in the sixth month of pregnancy, are among rare foursomes who were not born prematurely.’
    • ‘If you don't make any changes, your active foursome remains the same for the next day.’
    • ‘Having a social evening as a foursome is fine, but it's probably better to organise something at home.’
    • ‘The foursome downed four courses of Arcodoro's famous Sardinian food during the three-hour repast.’
    • ‘It wants us to become a threesome or a foursome or a whatever-some.’
    • ‘In an attempt to broaden their audience, the foursome is going after an older audience now.’
    • ‘Even with the fearsome foursome, we didn't win any games.’
    • ‘The foursome were playing at a family function when the idea for a CD first arose.’
    • ‘The General released the unhappy foursome from his gaze, and continued walking.’
    • ‘In time, Jacob and Sarah fall in love, and the foursome becomes a family.’
    • ‘The foursome will also attend a four day training camp at Coffs Harbour to fine tune team tactics prior to the championships.’
    1. 1.1 A golf match between two pairs of players, with partners playing the same ball.
      ‘Wales led 3–2 after the morning foursomes’
      • ‘With Liz Jones and Ann Robinson winning their Daily Mail foursomes Fulford boast all four teams in the regional stages of the national competitions.’
      • ‘Having a good relationship with other players is crucial, particularly in foursomes and fourballs matches.’
      • ‘The format for the three day competition is two foursomes and five singles and the other countries participating in the round robin series are England, Sweden and Wales.’
      • ‘Local charity auctions almost always offer foursomes of golf at the best country clubs.’
      • ‘Cejka and Jacquelin have a maximum four points so far and in the foursomes inflicted on Lee Westwood his first defeat of the competition.’
      • ‘The format for the semi-finals will be match play - mixed foursomes in the morning and mixed fourballs in the afternoon.’
      • ‘After gaining only a half from three up with four to play in the first foursomes, Montgomerie and Langer were not to be denied in another tight finish.’
      • ‘He won his singles three and two and then partnered Ganton GC's Fraser Kelley to win their foursomes five and four - the biggest margin of victory in the six matches.’
      • ‘But in this Presidents Cup, America won all five of the foursomes on Thursday and then Friday afternoon four of the other five.’
      • ‘At one stage the US led in four of the six foursomes and were level in a fifth, but the wheels came off over the final three holes and the Internationals led 3 ½ - 2 ½ at the end of the day.’
      • ‘Martin said that while all foursomes have been filled for this year, there were still tickets available for the dinner that follows the day of golfing.’
      • ‘There are three types of matchplay used in the Ryder Cup - foursomes, four-balls and singles.’
      • ‘Padraig Harrington and Paul McGinley were again the lethal arrows in Montgomerie's quiver, beating Alex Cejka and Niclas Fasth in the afternoon foursomes, another win gained on the 18th hole.’
      • ‘The format and big-name foursomes soon had everybody at every club seeing that golf beauty is indeed only skin deep.’
      • ‘The lesson of the golf at Bighorn may be the Ryder Cup warning that there is nothing more difficult than foursomes when your partner is playing a little better than you.’
      • ‘European and English amateur champion Duggleby enjoyed an outstanding singles victory over Solheim Cup captain Dale Reid by four and three, and Reid suffered again in the foursomes, losing by a two-hole margin.’
      • ‘The format this weekend is four foursomes and four four-balls on Friday and Saturday, then ten singles on Sunday.’
      • ‘Hinder triumphed two and one against the Ganton star as York, 8-4 down after the foursomes, made a great comeback by winning the top four singles.’
      • ‘The Americans spent most of the morning leading in four of the five foursomes, but they won only two to tie the International team 8 ½ points apiece.’
      • ‘In the event, Donald was fairly steady in the foursomes, but he missed four putts from inside six feet.’