Definition of Fourierist in US English:


noun & adjective

  • See Fourierism

    • ‘The difference between the Functionalists on the one hand and the SaintSimonians and Fourierists on the other was that the former did not question the existing social and political order.’
    • ‘Those who broke away from Enfantin began to call themselves Fourierists, although they no longer attacked marriage.’
    • ‘In the latter stages of his story Delano stresses the effort to secure financial support from the national Fourierist movement.’
    • ‘While distinguishing between various schools of thought - Functionalist, Saint-Simonian, and Fourierist - Papayanis strongly objects to the conventional characterization of any of these schools as ‘utopian.’’
    • ‘An interesting sidelight to the premature panic of Guadeloupe planters in 1847 was their willingness to sponsor a Fourierist ‘association’ community for freed slaves.’