Definition of Fourdrinier machine in US English:

Fourdrinier machine


  • A machine for making paper as a continuous sheet by draining pulp on a wire mesh belt.

    • ‘After being bleached, the pulp is moved through the Fourdrinier machine where it is dried and shaped.’
    • ‘The base paper is produced on a Fourdrinier machine equipped with process computer control.’
    • ‘The Fourdrinier machine has for many years been well known and most widely used for making news print paper.’
    • ‘In one of the wings are two 62-inch Fourdrinier machines, each driven by an upright steam engine.’
    • ‘On a Fourdrinier machine the watermark is created by a dandy roll as the stock passes through the wet end processes.’


Mid 19th century: named after Henry (died 1854) and Sealy (died 1847) Fourdrinier, British papermakers and patentees of such a machine.


Fourdrinier machine