Definition of four-o'clock in US English:



  • A tropical American herbaceous plant with fragrant trumpet-shaped flowers that open late in the afternoon.

    Mirabilis jalapa, family Nyctaginaceae

    Also called marvel of Peru
    • ‘This species is called ‘wild’ four-o'clock to distinguish it from the ornamental species of four-o'clocks that have larger flowers.’
    • ‘But consider too the times of day that certain flowers will bloom; you can plant morning glories, four-o'clocks and night-blooming jasmine together for a garden that will bloom from dawn past dusk.’
    • ‘Other common plants are brittlebush, California sagebrush, several wildflowers in the aster family, and a wild four-o'clock.’
    • ‘MacFarlane's four-o'clock was listed as endangered by the State of Oregon in 1989, and the State is working toward a similar upgrade in status for the plant.’
    • ‘The common garden variety four-o'clock is also known as Marvels of Peru.’
    • ‘The native four-o'clock, also known as showy four-o'clock, is a great plant to add to your dryland Garden.’
    • ‘Love-in-a mist, four-o'clock, cosmos, nasturtium, globe amaranth, balsam, and larkspur are a few I remember from childhood.’
    • ‘Less conspicuous species are woolly plantain, wild four-o'clock, yellow stargrass, and false toadflax.’
    • ‘Narrowleaf four-o'clock is perennial from a deep woody taproot crowned with a branching structure called a caudex.’