Definition of four-eyed fish in English:

four-eyed fish


  • A small livebearing freshwater fish of tropical America. Each eye is divided into two, allowing the fish to see both above and below the water while swimming at the surface.

    • ‘Anableps tetrophthalmus, the four-eyed fish, inhabits the rivers of Mexico and northern South America.’
    • ‘A shoal of baby four-eyed fish are among the latest attractions at Portsmouth.’
    • ‘One of the strangest fish in the world is Anableps anableps, commonly called the ‘four-eyed fish’ because of the unique configuration of its eyes.’
    • ‘The four-eyed fish (family Anablepidae) has hourglass-shaped pupils that lie at the waterline.’
    • ‘In terms of aquarium care, four-eyed fish are quite demanding.’
    • ‘Anableps, the four-eyed fish, frequents the rivers and estuaries from southern Mexico to northern South America.’
    • ‘At the World Fish House located next to the Fish Live Theater, you can see many rare fish from around the world, including the beluga sturgeon, four-eyed fish, and lungfish.’
    • ‘As well as the crabs, there will be other animals typically found in mangrove habitats, such as mudskippers and four-eyed fish.’
    • ‘This complex eye lens can focus two images simultaneously from above and below the water so it is called a four-eyed fish.’
    • ‘To take advantage of this capability, the four-eyed fish spends much of its time swimming at the water's surface, with the aerial corneas of its eyes protruding out of the water.’
    • ‘Anableps anableps, a curious toothed carp of Central and South American rivers, is called the four-eyed fish, because its eyes are adapted to enable it to see above and below the water surface simultaneously.’