Definition of four-color in US English:



  • Denoting a color printing process using red, cyan (greenish blue), yellow, and black inks on separate plates that are serially transferred to the same sheet to produce images in full color.

    • ‘While black and white photography played a prominent role, four-color printing would be commercially viable soon.’
    • ‘Again, there is a move towards high-quality mailings, four-color process, larger size mailings.’
    • ‘A well-designed piece of persuasion mail, complete with powerful four-color images, can boost a candidate's poll numbers literally overnight.’
    • ‘The holder sports a gray and silver cover with four-color process printing for the back and insides.’
    • ‘These sessions enabled students to apply skills in sorting, analyzing and selecting the best images suitable for the four-color calendar.’
    • ‘Each 32-page, four-color issue, like virtually every issue of all other EC publications, ran four illustrated stories, usually of eight, seven, six and seven pages.’
    • ‘The most full-flooded four-color process awaits there when I have time ‘for myself’ and cannot render it.’
    • ‘Bakker will create a four-color mail-order catalog featuring everyday objects that the artist has meticulously carved and painted.’
    • ‘Geared for graduate students across the range of research and practice areas, the 48-page, four-color publication will serve as both student information source and community center.’
    • ‘This is only a sampling of the good stuff that can be found in the current Hall of Fame yearbook, a highly recommended, 176-page, four-color production that can be relished by baseball fans, young and old.’
    • ‘Camp Henry upgraded its brochures, going from basic black and white with no photos to four-color presentation with lots of photos of campers in action.’
    • ‘I mean, when we see big-budget films made now every year, with actors put in costumes made to look like a four-color comic-book character made real, my work within this business is not any kind of strange or absurd thing.’
    • ‘Bill and Al's flourishing line of bimonthly comics brought the dead-of-night short story to lurid, four-color life.’
    • ‘This method allows four-color process that is less expensive than four-color transfers.’
    • ‘Everakes reports that Wolfmark also sells plenty of scarves, particularly in its Photo Line, which uses four-color process to reproduce artwork on silk or polyester.’
    • ‘The four-color ads, developed in-house, will run beginning Sept.8 in USA Today and several youth-oriented monthlies including Spin, Teen People and Rolling Stone.’
    • ‘The redesign came six years after the publication was transformed from a newsletter tabloid to a glossy four-color magazine.’
    • ‘By using lists of demographically and geographically qualified consumers, Mountaineer Racetrack and Gaming resort was able to generate an overwhelming response for no more than the expense of a four-color brochure.’
    • ‘In 1922, Stanley printed a four-color Christmas gift catalog touting its tool sets as the ‘Ideal Christmas Gift’ (Figure S).’
    • ‘For example, Elements lacks the ability to do precise color matching for four-color printing and does not include the Image Ready application for advanced preparation of images for the Web.’