Definition of fountain pen in US English:

fountain pen


  • A pen with a reservoir or cartridge from which ink flows continuously to the nib.

    • ‘And his lovely hand would unscrew the cap of his fountain pen and glide along the page.’
    • ‘The British Royal Air Force needed a new type of pen, one that would not leak at higher altitudes in fighter planes as the fountain pen did.’
    • ‘It was the fancy kind - a fountain pen, the kind that you put ink cartridges inside and you could do calligraphy.’
    • ‘I give them a brief smile, pretend to be finishing off some notes with an expensive fountain pen, then fix them with an earnest gaze just above my glasses.’
    • ‘A satisfying character assassination may be achieved without opening the mouth, or taking the top off a fountain pen.’
    • ‘In his pockets, he carried a black plastic comb, a Sheaffer fountain pen and three small leather-bound address books, all decomposed.’
    • ‘Actually, it's a cross between a soaring bird and a fountain pen, which I guess symbolizes how writers create things that take flight.’
    • ‘In the image one sees a dignified mustachioed gentleman standing tall, with one arm resting on a dark lacquered chair and the other holding a fountain pen.’
    • ‘Neither does the handwriting change much if you write with a fountain pen, ballpen or pencil or any other instrument.’
    • ‘So, if you're a fountain pen snob but don't like to carry a snobby fountain pen all the time, you can give this one a whirl.’
    • ‘Every now and then I convince myself writing with a fountain pen requires deliberation and will improve my handwriting.’
    • ‘Although a rough screenplay now existed in the form of a baggy and overlong first draft, I was to be found wielding the fountain pen or jabbing at the typewriter less and less.’
    • ‘The fountain pen, equipped with a reusable cartridge for holding a large supply of ink to be steadily fed to the nib, was a late 19c advance on the basic metal-nibbed pen.’
    • ‘The first fountain pen recorded cost 10/6 and the Onoto fountain pen purchased later cost $1.1.0.’
    • ‘I'm now the owner of a fountain pen, my first ever.’
    • ‘I wouldn't sign the papers listing my condo for sale until I had refilled the Namiki fountain pen with which I'd signed the forms to purchase the place.’
    • ‘When a fountain pen drops some ink and it hits the paper, it begins to expand.’
    • ‘Linda, my long-suffering word widow, doesn't know I've cunningly hidden a drop of the black stuff in a fountain pen in a corner of the suitcase.’
    • ‘Dyson has compared the difference between normal vacuum cleaners and The Ball as similar to the ease with which a ballpoint pen moves across the page compared with a fountain pen.’
    • ‘He chose a strong-looking fountain pen, opened it, and removed the ink cartridge.’


fountain pen

/ˈfaʊnt(ə)n ˌpɛn//ˈfount(ə)n ˌpen/