Definition of found object in US English:

found object


  • Objet trouvé.

    • ‘Using nylon, copper, light, steel and found objects, Khumari has created an exhibition of sculptures and photograms, which are made by exposing objects placed on treated paper to sunlight.’
    • ‘I fell in love with Neil Burton, both the artist and his work, which is urban, stencil-like paintings on found objects, like street signs, rusted metal and even corrugated cardboard.’
    • ‘However, their subject matter is that of the lost voices of children created not from the earlier pressed forms of found objects, as in her earlier work, but from moulds taken of dolls.’
    • ‘The show also contained a selection of Wilson's assemblage sculptures made from doll parts and other found objects, but these are generally less original than her collage works.’
    • ‘This major initiative, which showcases the work of new Scottish-based artists, features Jakob Ankarsvard's sculptural work made of flowers and Emma Greenwood's found objects.’
    • ‘He began by fashioning jewelry and sculptures from found objects - pieces of scrap wire, rocks, broken shards of glass, animal bones.’
    • ‘We had the kids experiment in making different sounds with found objects such as pencils and crumpled paper, and encouraged them to think of creative ways to use sound in order to enhance their stories.’
    • ‘Now Lessner is painting on found objects as well as on plywood boards.’
    • ‘The show was composed of large and small sculptures made out of shards of industrial glass and found objects, illuminated by more than 1,000 works on paper, both stacked and in frames.’
    • ‘One of my choice found objects is a sign off the side of a building that Walker photographed in 1936 and is in Famous Men.’
    • ‘His elegant, biomorphic sculptural shapes are recognizable at first as found objects: bones, husks, driftwood.’
    • ‘Percy's Laundry Organ is a tribute to Grainger's Free Music machines, and uses a number of found objects, including a perforated rubber sheet passing through the wringer of a washing machine.’
    • ‘Contrasting with these works steeped in ancient traditions were the acrylic-on-linen paintings and assemblages of found objects of urban artist Gordon Bennett.’
    • ‘These photographic maquettes range from the minimalism of sticks and their cast shadows on a beach, to complex still lifes that include sculpture, drawings, found objects and projections.’
    • ‘He often incorporates found objects, Vodun paraphernalia, raffia, cotton, and cowry shells into his ‘peintik’ assemblages.’
    • ‘Like any art form, art of the found object shifts and changes over time in order to accommodate cultural change.’
    • ‘Like Picasso and Gonzalez's found objects, they are made to take their places in complex, rigorously conceived, essentially abstract structures.’
    • ‘These found objects are used throughout all levels of Bwami.’
    • ‘In our art class, a variety of what kids call ‘setups,’ or ‘action scenes,’ are created with figures and found objects.’
    • ‘My family loves to make sculptures by assembling found objects, or parts of objects, into weird new creations.’