Definition of foul line in English:

foul line


  • 1A line marking the boundary of permissible movement or play, in particular.

    • ‘It is important that you walk relatively straight to the foul line.’
    • ‘‘Like those guys, Bobby is capable of playing the game from foul line to foul line,’ Gross said.’
    • ‘And we went from foul line to foul line, just shaking hands.’
    • ‘There is a fine line between victory and defeat - and today the foul line was that line for Villanova.’
    • ‘There is one seating deck, with about 20 rows, which stretches from foul line to foul line.’
    1. 1.1Baseball
      Either of the straight lines extending from home plate past first and third bases into the outfield and marking the limit of the area within which a hit is deemed to be fair.
      • ‘The right field foul line was 247 feet, with a 12-foot fence and 40-foot high screen.’
      • ‘Ortiz's power from foul line to foul line makes him tough to pitch to.’
      • ‘He has ranged from left-center field to the third base foul line for balls.’
      • ‘A distance of 320 feet or more along the foul lines, and 400 feet or more to center field is preferable.’
      • ‘In 1936, Forbes Field featured a 300-foot right field foul line ending with a nine and one-half foot concrete wall, capped by an additional 18 feet of wire mesh.’
    2. 1.2Basketball
      Either of the lines 15 feet in front of each backboard, from which free throws are made.
      Also called free-throw line
      • ‘More people have probably scaled Mt. Everest than dunked from the foul line.’
      • ‘Once the players understand the timing and execution, it almost always results in a close shot at the basket or a trip to the foul line for two free throws.’
      • ‘He also shoots a high percentage from the floor and foul line.’
      • ‘A superstar has to get to foul line and be able to get off a shot in his sweet spot when he needs one.’
      • ‘Does a player have to be in contact with the foul line when shooting a free throw?’
    3. 1.3(in bowling) a line on the alley, perpendicular to the gutters and 60 feet from the head pin.
      • ‘But it kept rolling straight along the foul line in fair territory.’
      • ‘Don't hang around at the foul line or in the other bowler's line of sight, because this is a distraction.’
      • ‘According to the rules of bowling, touching or going over the foul line is a foul.’
      • ‘This speed is also based on the ball traveling a straight line from the foul line to the head pin.’