Definition of foul brood in US English:

foul brood


  • A fatal bacterial disease of larval honeybees.

    This disease is caused by the bacteria Paenibacillus larvae or Melissococcus pluton

    • ‘Their work includes educating beekeepers about serious diseases such as American foul brood and European foul brood, but if the number of inspectors is cut it is feared that outbreaks could spread unchecked.’
    • ‘European foul brood may be prevented by requeening so that the vigor of the colony will be increased rapidly.’
    • ‘The European foul brood is a bee disease which should be controlled according to Swiss Animal Epidemic Regulation.’
    • ‘The diseases most commonly caused by these bacteria are known as American foul brood and European foul brood.’
    • ‘All colonies too heavily infected with European foul brood to respond to treatment are destroyed.’
    • ‘In the UK, foul brood is a notifiable disease and infected hives have to be burned by the Bee Inspector.’
    • ‘American foul brood is caused by a spore-forming bacterium called Paenibacillus larvae, subspecies larvae.’
    • ‘All combs from families with symptoms of clinical foul brood must be melted down.’
    • ‘A new booklet has been produced which describes the recognition and control of American foul brood and European foul brood along with other common brood disorders.’
    • ‘Diseases like American foul brood and chalk brood are also taking a heavy toll.’
    • ‘American foul brood is the most serious of all brood diseases, followed by European foul brood.’