Definition of fosterage in English:



  • See foster

    • ‘Their presence in non-natal households reflects the ubiquity of fosterage, adoption, apprenticeship, and child domestic labor - diverse but overlapping practices I refer to collectively as child circulation.’
    • ‘Deputy Browne also questioned the change in the payments regarding fosterage of children, which now means that the Orphan's Allowance is included in the Foster Care Payment.’
    • ‘The orphanage continued to subcontract care of infants to the households of poor women, capitalizing as it always had on the ubiquity of wet nursing and fosterage in popular culture.’
    • ‘This racial differential remains after controls for economic crisis are used, suggesting that it is rooted in the West African tradition of child fosterage.’
    • ‘In turn, rural women's willingness to receive the ‘children of Providence’ may be explained not only by the wage they earned but also by their cultural familiarity with wet nursing and fosterage.’