Definition of fossil ivory in US English:

fossil ivory


  • Ivory from the tusks of a mammoth.

    • ‘Although most of the best fossil ivory comes from the island of St. Lawrence in the Bearing Sea, it is found throughout Northwestern Alaska and also in Canada and Siberia.’
    • ‘This is truly a fossil ivory, and is rarely found in large pieces suitable for scrimshaw.’
    • ‘You can order one of Dozier's knives with any variety of handle material you wish - from jigged bone to fossil ivory.’
    • ‘Our Alaskan artists work in fossil ivory, fossil bones from walrus and whale, indigenous stones, and where available, wood.’
    • ‘The ivory carvings, we must stress, are of genuine fossil ivory from either Mammoth, Mastodon or Walrus tusk and comes from permafrost.’
    • ‘These talismans were probably chunks of fossil ivory, gathered by Abenakis and other Algonquians.’
    • ‘The trio of turtles have sculpted shells made from fossil ivory, that has stained swirls and dots in it.’
    • ‘Only materials of natural organic origins are used - exotic woods and Yamal fossil ivory.’