Definition of forwardness in US English:



  • Boldness or overfamiliarity in manner.

    ‘I hope that my forwardness hasn't offended you’
    • ‘Katherine was slightly abashed at his forwardness and lingered outside of the house, not really wanting to go in.’
    • ‘The flap is measured in two dimensions, first measurement being the length and second being the forwardness of the flaps.’
    • ‘I think my forwardness was starting to make him a little uncomfortable.’
    • ‘William was taken aback by the girl's forwardness.’
    • ‘Alex chuckled, and Lily blushed at her own forwardness.’
    boldness, brashness, brazenness, barefacedness, shamelessness, immodesty, audacity, effrontery, daring, presumption, familiarity, overfamiliarity, irreverence, over-assertiveness, overconfidence, overweening nature
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