Definition of Fortran in English:


(also FORTRAN)


  • A high-level computer programming language used especially for scientific computation.

    • ‘Back in the misty, early days of computing, famed computer scientist John Backus invented a programming language called Fortran.’
    • ‘With Fortran and the languages that followed, programmers finally had the tools they needed to get into really serious trouble.’
    • ‘We had the same arguments with high level languages with Fortran in the Sixties.’
    • ‘In 1979, my dad was taking courses at the British Columbia Institute of Technology, programming in Fortran on the campus mainframe.’
    • ‘This has now been extended to support some 20 different languages including, in announcements made this week, both Fortran and RPG.’
    • ‘About 15 different algorithms are represented in the exhibits; the algorithm for this one was written in Fortran, an older computer language favored by many scientists.’
    • ‘Several compilers, including the Convex and the Fujitsu Fortran Compilers, permitted applications that were written in standard Fortran 77 to be vectorized.’
    • ‘Consisting of over 160 programs written primarily in Fortran 77 and C, Perl, Tcl / Tk and HTML, INSS contains 4.5 million lines of source code.’
    • ‘Matlab stores arrays like Fortran does, in that data in a particular matrix column is contiguous in memory.’
    • ‘Three months had been used to develop and test the user interface between Fortran and the Web server and the potential user.’
    • ‘Programming is typically done in ANSI C, C + +, and Fortran 90.’
    • ‘Microsoft, in the shape of Gates and Paul Allen, kicked off with Basic, and followed up in 1978 with Fortran.’
    • ‘It is difficult to see how any language that could actually be run on a physical computer could do more than Fortran can do.’
    • ‘Also, they overlook the fact that enormous bodies of code already exist in such languages as C and Fortran to solve complex, computationally intensive applications.’
    • ‘The Carte programming environment performs the compilation from C or Fortran to bitstream for the FPGA without programmer involvement.’
    • ‘This is why I eagerly encouraged the development of GNU Fortran, despite having vowed in 1970 never to use that language again myself.’
    • ‘The models - actually complicated software written in a computer language called Fortran - attempt to account for everything happening in the atmosphere on a global basis.’
    • ‘I'm looking forward to getting started working on the parallel machines they've got lying about, and programming Fortran, naturally.’
    • ‘Finally, hands up anyone who's still cutting code in either Cobol or Fortran - yes, it's time to come out of the closet!’
    • ‘In the mid 1980's, while other schools were struggling to keep their Apple IIs up to date, O'Neill's high school was teaching its students how to program C, Fortran, and Cobol.’


1950s: contraction of formula translation.