Definition of fortalice in English:



  • A small fort, fortified house, or outwork of fortification.

    • ‘The Rocca was transformed from a fortalice into the first core of a museum which aimed at representing the entire Upper Garda area.’
    • ‘The door giving access to the inner part of the fortalice was opened during the 16th century and the door jamb features the coat of arms of the Republic and the date 1596, year of its restructuring.’
    • ‘In 1568 however, following the Battle of Langside, in which William Chancellor fought in the cause of Queen Mary, Regent Moray sent out a party of 500 horsemen to destroy the mansions, castles and fortalices of her adherents.’
    • ‘The villagers watched them with even greater awe than they had the burning fortalice.’
    • ‘The name originated when the Dutch built a small fortalice on the promontory, on the southern side of the Galle bay in 1719.’
    • ‘In a lofty position on high ground above the town, and overlooking the wide vale of Strathmore, this handsome old fortalice was once the seat of the lords of the barony of Blairgowrie.’
    • ‘The original fortalice was built in the late 16th Century.’
    • ‘The green luxuriance which characterizes so many of the more ancient fortalices of Scotland seems satisfactorily accounted for, by Dr Fleming, in his ‘Zoology of the Bass.’’
    • ‘At this point the village is referred to as ‘Esshete’ and the Castle of Esshete is mentioned in the list of fortalices in 1415 belonging to Sir John Heron, a knight.’
    • ‘Niddrie House, a mile north of Edmonstone House, is partly an ancient baronial fortalice and partly a handsome modern mansion.’
    • ‘Nearby, the magnificent Castel Prèsule, one of the region's best preserved fortalices, is worth a trip.’
    • ‘Two-thirds of the lake is in Montenegro and the other third is in Albania, along with about 50 islands, some with ruined fortalices and monasteries.’
    • ‘It went onto the slopes of Pia Fortress and counted five fortalices, as attested by the maps of the seventeenth century.’
    • ‘During the Earl of Arran's regime, Sir James was imprisoned in Blackness Castle and ordered to give up the house and fortalice of Cowdenknowes.’
    • ‘First I want to give you a short overview of the history and types of Scotland castle you are likely to come across, ranging from small 15th century towers and fortalices to massive fortifications and princely or royal palaces.’
    • ‘It was in this fortalice that Kornati fisherman left money for fish tax and the hard lifestyle of a fisherman forced them to build settlements on the nearby island of Piskera.’
    • ‘If you enter by a secondary door, assigned in the XVI century, in front of you there are the most powerful fortalices.’


Late Middle English: from medieval Latin fortalitia, -itium, from Latin fortis ‘strong’.