Definition of forsythia in US English:



  • A widely cultivated ornamental Eurasian shrub whose bright yellow flowers appear in early spring before the leaves.

    Genus Forsythia, family Oleaceae: several species

    • ‘From early March when the forsythia first bursts into bloom, to around mid-October when the last anemone dies back, my garden is a constantly changing flower display.’
    • ‘In March and April alone, daphne, forsythia, camelias, Japanese quince and lilacs continue in bloom.’
    • ‘These include viburnums, forsythia, spiraea, osmanthus, deutzia, weigela and similar plants.’
    • ‘Old shrubs, such as spiraea, forsythia, lilac, and honeysuckle, often become overgrown and full of crowded stems and dead wood.’
    • ‘Good candidates are aucuba, barberry, forsythia, holly, honey-suckle, hydrangea, spirraea, weigela and even roses.’
    • ‘A good rule of thumb is to do it when the forsythia is in bloom.’
    • ‘If needed, prune bridal wreath spiraea, forsythia, lilac, mock orange, quince, and wiegela immediately after flowering.’
    • ‘The red or pink rosettes do not work too near the yellow of the first daffodils and forsythia, or the mauve of early rhododendrons, any of which can be in flower at the same time.’
    • ‘The contrast between them and the banana-yellow forsythia bushes is striking - when they appear side-by-side they form a clash in colors reminiscent of a Caribbean cruise.’
    • ‘Witch hazels may lack the flower power of forsythias or the head-over-heels perfume of lilacs, but they have one attribute that distinguishes them from other flowering shrubs: timing.’
    • ‘Many southern gardens don't have tulips, forsythia or daffodils, but instead have guava, pineapple and amaryllis.’
    • ‘Branches from fruit trees, dogwood, magnolia, and forsythia are especially amenable to being forced.’
    • ‘As the snowdrops and daffodils surrender their last fading colour the forsythia and tulips blossom with a blaze of Easter glory and reflect the hope and joy of another season.’
    • ‘Many gardeners are familiar with forcing cherry, forsythia blossoms & and spring bulbs but you can add to this by sprouting wheat kernels in containers for a beautiful centerpiece.’
    • ‘For early blooming shrubs such as forsythia and viburnum, prune them as soon as blooms have passed.’
    • ‘Early spring awakens with crocus and forsythia, and this is also your cue to take care of moss in the lawn with a spring feed and moss control.’
    • ‘Scillas bring the sky-blue color down to earth under flowering pear trees and forsythias, as hyacinths underplanted with pansies welcome visitors.’
    • ‘If you have shrubs such as forsythia that don't offer much interest in mid-summer, plant a few clematis vines to fill the branches with color during the summer months.’
    • ‘Spring-flowering shrubs include such popular plants as forsythia, deutzia, lilac, viburnum, mock-orange and spirea.’
    • ‘The forsythia shrubs growing along the side yard in a modern hedgerow brings sunlight and cheer, and a few small blooming branches might be just the thing to take to class tonight.’


Modern Latin, named after William Forsyth (1737–1804), Scottish botanist and horticulturalist, said to have introduced the shrub into Britain from China.