Definition of formlessness in US English:



  • See formless

    • ‘They are also quite preternaturally ugly, bringing a rude abbreviation to the extension of the leg and drawing attention to the unbeautiful formlessness of the shoe, and the cheapness of its material and fabrication.’
    • ‘He goes on to describe this notion of chaos as ‘that yawning abyss of formlessness from which all escaped’.’
    • ‘Who can say why certain groups gel as they do and hit the listener with coherent loveliness, no matter how discordant the melody, while others laze in formlessness.’
    • ‘The formlessness of infinite choice hobbles relationships: you can't commit if there is always a better option.’
    • ‘But I've never felt the urge to convert anyone, feeling that everyone must clothe the formlessness of God in the form that best suits them, culturally and temperamentally.’