Definition of Formica in US English:



  • A hard durable plastic laminate used for countertops, cupboard doors, and other surfaces.

    • ‘Most people in the United States and Canada are familiar with laminate counter tops, such as Formica.’
    • ‘With layers of paint applied to Formica over plywood, the surface has become matte black with the exception of one long, shiny black stripe that streaks down the middle of the work.’
    • ‘On the other side of the room, four wall pieces were made of multicolored Formica mounted on board.’
    • ‘Solid-surface counter tops have replaced Formica, and plastic partitions have replaced the rusted metal.’
    • ‘To fill these unique homes, unique furnishings were needed and aiding designers of the time was a host of new materials to work with: plastic, vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, PVC and Formica.’


1920s (originally US): of unknown origin.