Definition of form letter in US English:

form letter


  • A standardized letter to deal with frequently occurring matters.

    • ‘Following receipt of a standard form letter dated 31 October in which the ERO announced his intention to include the Claimant in the 2001 Register, the Claimant wrote again on 3 November expressing his objection.’
    • ‘The page includes a form letter that you can send as is or personalized.’
    • ‘And that's the form letter that people can sign?’
    • ‘A few months after we complete and file the paperwork, the friend gets an unfriendly form letter from INS requesting a lot more information.’
    • ‘Sometimes, it would simply inform people in a standard form letter that they were ‘not disabled’, or ‘condition is treatable’.’
    • ‘It was not a form letter, it was a personal email.’
    • ‘It is noteworthy that his Lordship does not believe that a standard form letter, without more, is sufficient.’
    • ‘Calling or corresponding with someone if they have come in for an interview is manageable, but to write a letter, even a form letter, to every applicant is almost a full-time position.’
    • ‘I forgot to mention that in my first form letter.’
    • ‘The Peak provided students with a handy form letter that could be cut out and sent to the solicitor general of Canada, urging him to reconsider the cancellation of the program.’
    • ‘Reasons contained in a standard form letter issued by the Welfare Department justifying its rejection or cancellation of thousands of disability grants were declared invalid by the high court here yesterday.’
    • ‘It's a form letter, which others have received too.’
    • ‘They finally, grudgingly, found a form letter they sent to commanding officers when members of the military would be late.’
    • ‘The other was a form letter from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA, otherwise known as the joke factory), closing the file on the little blue Ford.’
    • ‘They put the privacy commissioner onto it and I received a form letter saying they investigated it.’
    • ‘Westpac sent out a form letter explaining how they'd be putting up the interest rate on the loan (a lot faster than when they have to reduce it).’
    • ‘I mainly delete those or send back a form letter Logan helped me write.’
    • ‘The request or requirement was in a standard form letter offering the men the posts, dated 21st March.’
    • ‘What I think Glenn is missing here is that there is a difference between sending a form letter to your congressman and to your local newspaper.’
    • ‘A few weeks later, you'd get a form letter which appeared to be from Santa himself.’