Definition of forgetful in US English:



  • Apt or likely not to remember.

    ‘I'm a bit forgetful these days’
    ‘she was soon forgetful of the time’
    • ‘He was banned for eight months rather than two years, which would have been the case had the FA not accepted that he was forgetful rather than evasive.’
    • ‘At this moment may I be totally forgetful of myself, and remain utterly unmindful of my own person.’
    • ‘It is obligatory on a doctor to be humble, kind, not forgetful of Allah's blessings on him, grateful to Him, seeking His help and aid.’
    • ‘She may be dizzy, forgetful, disorganised and temperamental but she has always been reasonably candid about herself and her game plan.’
    • ‘The most forgetful people are, in fact, primary school children.’
    • ‘Also, there was a black stream in Mirkwood that made he who drank out of it suddenly very drowsy and forgetful of previous events.’
    • ‘Here's a timely reminder to all forgetful children to buy some flowers for your mum tomorrow - for Mother's Day.’
    • ‘However, in our quest for universal peace, this does not mean that we are forgetful of injustices.’
    • ‘I think you might be judging him a bit too harshly in terms of not just being forgetful and especially so in expecting him to make time for you when it's clear you're continuing to live your life beyond him.’
    • ‘The community is usually portrayed as naive, dim-witted and almost always forgetful.’
    • ‘I got one of these for my grandmother last year, because she is blind and forgetful and had burned the bottom out of two teakettles.’
    • ‘So if the nerve cells that were involved in memory stop working, then the person becomes forgetful.’
    • ‘It's not that I don't care or anything, I'm just incredibly thoughtless and forgetful and I lose track of time far to easily.’
    • ‘Sometimes, too, she is forgetful of the fact that, for her, it is a necessity.’
    • ‘Are we Canadians fully forgetful, merely forgiving, mostly stupid, or unapologetically apathetic?’
    • ‘For £4.99 it's a cheap but valuable back-up for the forgetful traveller.’
    • ‘Now it is true that the public have increasingly short memories; unfortunately for the Tories those people who actually vote are not so forgetful.’
    • ‘I guarantee you, I will recall this one when I am very old and very gray and perhaps even a bit forgetful.’
    • ‘Flustered and forgetful of her arguments, Andrea twisted her hands together and exhaled in frustration.’
    • ‘Of the £40 extra the forgetful taxpayer ends up with on his bill, about £29 is sheer profit for the council.’
    absent-minded, apt to forget, amnesic, amnesiac, vague, abstracted
    heedless, neglectful, careless, unmindful, disregardful
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