Definition of forgery in English:



  • 1The action of forging or producing a copy of a document, signature, banknote, or work of art.

    • ‘So there were certain crimes that I think by statute prevented your admission, and my recollection is that forgery was one of them.’
    • ‘Is a pedimento vitiated if obtained by fraud, or only if it is obtained through forgery?’
    • ‘The most obvious examples are forgery, duress or mistake as to the nature of the form being signed (non est factum).’
    • ‘At the same time the force's detection rates for theft and handling offences, fraud and forgery, drug offence and theft of and from cars crime went up.’
    • ‘These included convictions for theft, forgery, counterfeiting and deception.’
    • ‘They were not asked to plead to charges of corruption, fraud, forgery and uttering, and contravening fishing laws.’
    • ‘The application to strike out was based on the admitted acts of forgery by Nigel of documents later produced on disclosure in the proceedings.’
    • ‘When women are convicted it is more likely to be for offences involving theft and handling stolen goods, fraud, and forgery.’
    • ‘Under the plea bargain, he pleaded guilty to reduced charges of forgery and violating campaign laws that limit foreign funding.’
    • ‘Other students have been codifying laws regarding fraud, forgery and rules on criminal culpability.’
    • ‘He got nailed, convicted on all three counts: grand theft, forgery and perjury.’
    • ‘The basis of this action was forgery, fraud and perjury on the part of IAC.’
    • ‘There is no question but that these actions were a blatant breach of trust that was accomplished by forgery and attempted to be justified by fraud.’
    • ‘The legislation will simplify the law on larceny, fraudulent conversion, forgery and embezzlement.’
    • ‘He was, however, sentenced to 18 months in prison for immigration offenses and document forgery.’
    • ‘Most of you have probably read that I was arrested recently on charges of forgery and fraud in suburban Philadelphia.’
    • ‘The second basis upon which the documents were rejected was that document forgery in Albania was endemic, if I may term it that way.’
    • ‘In most cases where forgery is alleged it will be of no great importance whether this is or is not made out to the required higher civil standard.’
    • ‘He was convicted of forgery, attempted theft and perjury and will be sentenced on September 15’
    • ‘It is necessary to draw on a range of disparate provisions such as theft, deception, false accounting, forgery, and conspiracy.’
    counterfeiting, fraudulent copying, fraudulent imitation
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    1. 1.1A forged or copied document, signature, banknote, or work of art.
      • ‘As part of the new searches, immigration officers will pore over documents, looking for forgeries of British and other national passports.’
      • ‘If these documents are shown to be forgeries, it will be the turning point in the news business between the new and old media.’
      • ‘She also claims that some signatures are forgeries, an extremely serious allegation for which she provides no evidence.’
      • ‘There was no evidence which could support the conclusion that all the documents necessarily were forgeries.’
      • ‘If they turn out to be forgeries, I'll certainly be happy to admit to having jumped the gun on the issue.’
      • ‘Which suggests that, to Pein's mind, it is actually impossible to prove that the documents are forgeries.’
      • ‘That report was based on documents that were later deemed to be forgeries.’
      • ‘Some were certain that the documents were forgeries and the earlier reports were fraudulent.’
      • ‘What will they try to do with these things, with these documents, with these forgeries?’
      • ‘Both documents were forgeries of course, but the patrols were fooled each and every time.’
      • ‘So the basis for calling the memos forgeries seems to rest on points that don't add up.’
      • ‘Now ink tests have shown that the documents were forgeries and both papers have apologized.’
      • ‘The ink tended to fade and smudge, making the banknotes look like forgeries.’
      • ‘And it was the internet bloggers who hammered away at the obvious forgeries in the fake memos.’
      • ‘Slightly off topic, kudos to all my fellow bloggers who helped expose the guard document forgeries.’
      • ‘Gardaí say they are the best note forgeries they have come across.’
      • ‘The Niger documents were closely examined and found to be forgeries.’
      • ‘U.N. officials determined the documents were forgeries before the war.’
      • ‘I think the documents are indeed forgeries, but who made them?’
      • ‘Many doctors also believe that computer-generated prescriptions will make forgeries less likely.’
      fake, counterfeit, sham, fraud, imitation, dummy, mock-up, reproduction, replica, copy, print, lookalike, likeness
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