Definition of forger in English:



  • A person who produces fraudulent copies or imitations.

    ‘one of Europe's most notorious art forgers’
    • ‘There is no question that forgers can be geniuses at what they do, and a middle class of collectors has emerged - less informed than their well-heeled predecessors - who view art as an investment, not a passion.’
    • ‘Liu believes that the best way to win the battle is to devise fool-proof detection systems to catch all employees with counterfeit certificates so that the forgers would be forced to stop their operations.’
    • ‘These apparent omissions may stem from the difficulty of proof: forgers, after all, would hardly leave a trail of receipts, and in the world of unprovenanced antiquities, it is common practice for buyers not to know a seller's name.’
    • ‘Ironically, because the forgers keep all their profits, they are sometimes able to afford better materials, such as top-quality paper, and their fakes can actually look better than the real thing.’
    • ‘But the perceived dichotomy in styles may simply signal that the forger was an inexpert copyist or that the effect results from the vagaries of stone carving.’
    counterfeiter, falsifier, faker, copyist, imitator
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