Definition of forge ahead in US English:

forge ahead

phrasal verb

  • 1Move forward or take the lead in a race.

    • ‘Beckingsale attacked on the strength sapping drag on lap 5 and only Stander could match him and together they forged ahead of the chasing trio.’
    1. 1.1 Continue or make progress with a course or undertaking.
      ‘the government is forging ahead with reforms’
      • ‘But local leaders are forging ahead with the stadium plan, no matter how many holes it has in it, with or without public support.’
      • ‘All are forging ahead with alternative fuel technologies.’
      • ‘Professors, recognizing their students' needs, either forged new and relevant material into their courses or steadfastly forged ahead with their planned syllabus.’
      • ‘As Golf Course News forges ahead, we realize that the only constant in the golf course industry is change.’
      • ‘Unlike rivals, it's forging ahead with big investment plans’
      • ‘The firm is also forging ahead with innovative retail design ideas lot its many mixed-use projects.’
      • ‘While the economy may be to blame for a slowing in the number of new clubs, it hasn't stopped all club owners from forging ahead with expansion.’
      • ‘These artists are bravely forging ahead with new approaches while not allowing others to completely define their art.’
      • ‘Of course, the specifics of the loophole are so nebulous that the ending is doomed not to make any sense, but that doesn't stop the filmmakers from forging ahead with their agenda.’
      • ‘The international media is littered with articles stating that the U.S. economy is forging ahead with rapidly rising profits.’
      • ‘Fortunately for those of us who care there are some musicians out there who continue to forge ahead, out of the spotlight.’
      • ‘San Francisco also has a number of museums showing historic art that, despite the economic downturn, are forging ahead with new building projects designed by high-profile architects.’
      • ‘Even as California faces a shortfall approaching $30 billion, it's forging ahead with a plan to build a new maximum-security prison in Delano.’
      • ‘Despite the ugly scenes from Genoa, governments are forging ahead with their planned round of upcoming meetings beginning with Washington.’
      • ‘Taking life and the passage of time into full consideration, SP is forging ahead with his passion for hip hop that leaves you with something to think about.’
      • ‘Consumer spending on durable goods continued to forge ahead during the 2001 recession at an annual rate of 4.3%.’
      • ‘Even as such urgent measures are undertaken we must continue to forge ahead with the processes of economic and political reform.’
      • ‘Please discuss the pros and cons of the business that one must consider before forging ahead with an art gallery business plan.’
      • ‘She is notable mostly for forging ahead with a music career while struggling with multiple sclerosis.’
      • ‘U.S. historians might find a brighter future in having a surer sense of self, being unapologetically who they are, and forging ahead with the recruitment and training of successors while there is still time.’