Definition of forfeiter in US English:



  • See forfeit

    • ‘The leader might also make up something embarrassing for the forfeiter to do such as yawn until someone else yawns or recite a silly tongue twister perfectly.’
    • ‘These realities are unbeknownst to the forfeiter of the information, and yet we are compelled to act as a reluctant voyeur.’
    • ‘That was at the end of August, and the car, twice badly shaken, was a forfeiter for the rest of the season.’
    • ‘If the forfeiter applies for reconsideration or submits to court in duration, the legal system institution will take part in the reconsideration or lawsuit.’
    • ‘There, we played more games, except this time we have forfeiters eat up the plate of food we ‘filled-up’ before each set of the game.’