Definition of forewing in US English:



  • Either of the two front wings of a four-winged insect.

    • ‘The moth is dull gray with gray wings with a white blotch near the tip of the forewings.’
    • ‘The pulses are produced when a forewing strikes a tegular wing-coupler.’
    • ‘The feathers fan out from the forewing into a gently rounded profile, while the forewing itself rises into an arching swell.’
    • ‘Crickets and katydids make noise by rubbing their forewings together.’
    • ‘They have tracked monarchs with radar, subjected them to magnets and jet lag in experiments, and affixed millions of tiny tags to the insects' forewings in hopes of recovering them and learning their routes.’
    • ‘Despite their dandy looks, the charaxes are the gladiators of the butterfly world, with serrated forewings that they use to bully other butterflies off a deliciously rotten piece of fruit or fresh carnivore dung.’
    • ‘Note that the left forewing of the recipient wasp has been bent away from her body by the biter (indicated by the arrow).’
    • ‘The adult insect is a moth with silvery-white forewings and brown stripes and black markings on each wing tip.’
    • ‘The subcuticular metanotal gland was clearly visible as four distinct tubules that all opened into the metanotal depression on the dorsal surface just posterior to the forewings.’
    • ‘The forewings of the live moths were sprayed with a thin layer of spray glue and then coated with UV-reflecting or UV-absorbing powder.’
    • ‘The forewing has only one or two very small brown spots on the basal antenodal cross veins, unlike the extensive post-basal markings of the wings of C. elisa.’
    • ‘This insect has dark-brown flecks and ribbons of brown on its wings, and several white splotches on its small, upper wings, called forewings.’
    • ‘Apparent in flight, the speculum, or wing-patch, is dark iridescent-green, looking black at times, with white on the forewing.’
    • ‘During flight, the halteres beat in precise anti-phase with the forewings, thereby activating several hundred specialized mechanosensory cells at the base of the structures.’
    • ‘For example, the cells that will form the adult left foreleg are physically separated from cells that will form the left forewing, the left midleg, or the right foreleg.’
    • ‘Both males and females have green-black specula, with pale blue patches on the forewing.’
    • ‘Although combination of these two vortices results in very large lift force this second vortex could not be detected in the airflow visualization since they only released smoke from the leading edge over the inner half of the forewing.’
    • ‘However, splitting of the forewings along the cubitus posterior vein may take place.’
    • ‘Size was assessed by measuring the length from the apex to insertion of the left forewing to the nearest 0.5 mm.’
    • ‘Females, juveniles, and males in eclipse plumage (from May through August) are mottled brown with orange legs and a green-black iridescent speculum with a blue patch on the forewing.’