Definition of foretoken in English:



Pronunciation /ˈfôrˌtōkən/
  • Be a sign of (something to come)

    ‘a shiver in the night air foretokening December’
    • ‘He is said to have eaten a toad as a child, an act foretokening a martial destiny.’
    • ‘He spent much of his time swimming in nihilistic little circles and had a lethargy that some saw as foretokening an early death.’
    • ‘The Next Big Things on the Internet aren't usually foretokened by business models or white papers, said Popkin.’
    • ‘So it is foretokened that a soaring development in their population may be witnessed on cotton crop across the cotton growing areas during next week.’
    • ‘Actually this foretokened that the formal independence of the republic would also be nullified.’
    gesture, sign, wave, gesticulation, cue, prompt, indicator, indication, communication, message
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Pronunciation /ˌfôrˈtōkən/
  • A sign of something to come.

    • ‘The last, and most impacting foretoken came four hours afterwards, as I walked with friends back from the cinema.’
    • ‘She bears inauspicious marks that are the foretokens of ruin and ill luck.’
    • ‘Let's count all of the foretokens that were telling me me to crawl back into bed for the weekend.’
    • ‘And so far were they carried into the admiration thereof, that they thought in the chanceable hitting upon any such verses great foretokens of their following fortunes were placed.’
    • ‘It is a foretoken for the rest of the album: lo-fi common or garden electronica full of samples, little bells, harmonica, noise and atmospheric strings.’


Old English foretācn (noun: see fore-, token).