Definition of forestland in English:



  • An area of land covered by forests.

    • ‘Westmoreland County's undeveloped forestlands also contributed to some flood prevention.’
    • ‘They stretch across a federally protected wilderness area and border federal forestlands.’
    • ‘Approximately 10.8 million acres of logged forestlands in Canada (an area more than twice the size of Wales) remain denuded.’
    • ‘Ownership of Michigan's forestlands is mostly private.’
    • ‘In the Philippines, about two-thirds of the land has been public forestland since 1894, and all land with a slope of eighteen degrees or more was made public domain by law in 1975.’
    • ‘Logging concessions are stimulated by the wrong incentives: it is more lucrative to clear forestland for plantations than to plant on open and unproductive land.’
    • ‘Over the past decade, expired, abandoned, and canceled timber concessions have turned vast areas of logged-over forestland into open-access areas.’
    • ‘One is the plain land and other is the forestland.’
    • ‘This long, narrow area of dunes and forestland looks ‘like a curved, brown finger protruding from the northeast coast of New Jersey.’’
    • ‘In recent years, increasing debate has focused on issues related to the conservation of agricultural lands, including private forestlands.’
    • ‘Yet there are many areas of forestland that are not being managed.’
    • ‘Hence, in addressing forest tenure in the 1980s and 1990s, the changes have focused on use rights to forestland and ownership of trees and forests rather than land ownership.’
    • ‘The majority of photos in this chapter are of large public landscapes, botanical gardens, and wild forestlands.’
    • ‘Two-hundred and sixty million acres of US forestland have been cleared for crop land to produce the meat-centered diet.’
    • ‘Nearly 10 acres of the 50-acre sanctuary is a garden and nursery, the rest is restored forestland, fields and grazing land.’
    • ‘Looking at just forestland and agricultural land, the two largest potential biomass sources, the study found potential exceeding 1.3 billion dry tons per year.’
    • ‘Although the district has about 30 per cent of forest area, there is no eco-tourism within forestland.’
    • ‘With so little high-quality forest left and increasing threats on federal forests, it is more important than ever to protect large expanses of connected forestlands to serve as a healthy ecological framework.’
    • ‘This helped foster the development of an elite that could control access to large tracts of land, including forestlands, setting the stage for peasant tenancy later in the period.’
    • ‘Though the extent of destruction of the forest cover all over the world cannot be matched with the efforts undertaken to regenerate green cover, efforts to revive forestlands have been taken up from time to time.’