Definition of forestay in US English:



  • A stay leading forward and down to support a ship's foremast.

    • ‘We prefer the ‘old way,’ a light hung near the forestay not too far above the deck.’
    • ‘We lengthened the forestay by another 2 or 3 turns and in a few minutes we were sailing again.’
    • ‘Since the jib halyard attaches to the same place as the forestay, the load is pretty well transferred.’
    • ‘By contrast, an inner forestay and staysail can be left in place, ready to go when you need them most.’
    • ‘It is an image for all time: tiny figure beneath a sky-scraping mast, Tower Bridge open to salute her, left arm hooked around the forestay with the greatest nonchalance, and right arm raised, fist clenched.’