Definition of forestaller in US English:



  • See forestall

    • ‘Goods brought by outsider merchants were to be sold only in official marketplaces, without any interference from hosts or forestallers.’
    • ‘In practice juries were rarely interested in establishing whether a forestaller was aiming to create a monopoly or whether any degree of monopoly had in fact been created.’
    • ‘If he knows anything of the arts, of history, of economics, or of science, he had better forget it, or else use it as a forestaller would a knowledge of the time when prices should be raised.’
    • ‘Concerning this relationship, this interplay, contrasting views are to be found: for some religion was a forestaller of philosophical development, while for others it was a cause of the same.’
    • ‘The machine innovators were frequently viewed in the same way the moral economy treated the forestaller and regrater in the marketplace.’