Definition of forepaw in English:



  • Either of the front paws of a quadruped.

    • ‘Wildcats have five toes on each of their forepaws, but only four toes on each back paw.’
    • ‘Field diagnosed the kangaroo as a cross between squirrel and deer, with five claws on its forepaw but only three talons on its hind legs, as if it were partly avian (though it did its hopping with its tail).’
    • ‘A tiger was found with a steel trap sunk into its forepaw, and a week later, the park was closed and more than 40 poachers arrested.’
    • ‘Measurements were taken of both forepaws and hind paws.’
    • ‘I won't be leaving Dorey alone at the vet's any more, but I won't soon forget the way he looked, standing on his hind legs slashing the air with his forepaw.’
    • ‘The forepaws resemble slender human hands and make the raccoon unusually dextrous.’
    • ‘They communicate by stamping their forepaws, chattering their teeth, and emitting a variety of whimpers, whines, hisses, and other vocalizations.’
    • ‘Recent carnivorans can be divided into ambush- and pursuit-types on the basis of the animal's ability to manipulate food items with its forepaws.’
    • ‘She lay on her stomach with her forepaws stretched out before her, and tail curled tight around her rear.’
    • ‘Prey is located using vision and touch and is captured with the forepaws.’
    • ‘They use their sensitive, dexterous forepaws to locate prey, such as worms, in mud.’
    • ‘This is all rather like a dog complacently assuming that you will give him the entire turkey if he merely sits on his hind legs and limps his forepaws.’
    • ‘A second bear, standing on its hind legs, banged a tambourine with a forepaw.’
    • ‘He was brown, with a white ear, a white forepaw, and a white tip on his tail.’
    • ‘She stoops over her heavy tambour frame, at work that fascinates her black spaniel dog, which stands with its forepaws on the front bar to watch her dexterity.’
    • ‘Golden moles burrow mainly using their leathery snout combined with thrusts of the forepaws, which are held under the body (rather than at the sides, as in the talpids).’
    • ‘The leopard braced for the charge, tail twitching, snarling, head low, outstretched forepaws, hindquarters arched.’
    • ‘Its cheeks and stomach were light gray, in addition to the tips of its feet and forepaws.’
    • ‘I noticed that as it held the plant in its forepaws, it rapidly moved its face and mouth, so that at times they appeared to vibrate.’
    • ‘For he is the cleanest in the use of his forepaws of any quadruped.’
    paw, hind paw, hoof, trotter, pad
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