Definition of forensically in US English:



  • See forensic

    • ‘He chose to run a case which was entirely different in relation to the factual investigation it therefore required to be conducted forensically, and that was about a particular spot.’
    • ‘The other, which in a sense it might be said was piggy-backing along on the back of that, was, it might be said, the forensically less appropriate objective of using a public court as a forum for making campaign points.’
    • ‘It is the way in which this was forensically presented which enables us to say this is not a case where the complaint ever was, ‘I was being asked to do more than my contract could require me to do’.’
    • ‘I mean, these statements must have been, forensically, very devastating evidence against your client.’
    • ‘I do not want to take up any more of your Honour's time about that, and I think I have gone as far as I can go, forensically, to persuade your Honours away from any other view that you might have.’