Definition of forenoon in US English:



North American
  • The morning.

    ‘the wind starts picking up in the forenoon’
    as modifier ‘the forenoon watch’
    • ‘I awoke in the forenoon, pulled on my robe and sallied forth into the kitchen where I found my friend quite naked save for a pair of the most threadbare of undergarments.’
    • ‘Black in the glaring forenoon, a row of cypresses against the town wall seemed to promise safety.’
    • ‘Up at the head end a yard engine takes off the cars to be picked up for interchange this forenoon.’
    • ‘Throughout the night and until late this forenoon, all road traffic was delayed - and in some cases completely stopped - as the whole of Bolton and the surrounding district became ice-bound.’
    • ‘I came always in the afternoon, for in the forenoon when I had finished my reading or writing I was at work spinning, or helping the monks prepare inks or parchment.’
    • ‘One stays abed until the forenoon and neglects both blog and facial hair alike.’
    • ‘The Nenagh Heritage Centre, the lakes at Portroe and Killaloe are all on the agenda for the forenoon.’
    • ‘At sea it was extremely cold but as we got closer in it got a bit better but it never stopped raining till well into the forenoon.’
    • ‘Improved after this indolent fashion, one of the hottest of my forenoons became also one of the most enjoyable.’
    • ‘The next round was on Saturday forenoon in which there were group discussions and personal interview for the semi-finalists.’
    • ‘In the forenoon we skirted the Island, getting 30 and 40 fathoms of water north and west of Inaccessible Island.’
    • ‘Towards morning he became more quiet and in the forenoon, at eleven o'clock, he expired his last sigh.’
    • ‘The greenish yellow marsh meadow locust prefers to sing on hot, quiet forenoons from moist ditches and grassy banks.’
    • ‘I remember the long green cucumber, soft and fleshy and a delight on that hot April forenoon.’
    • ‘As the crowd gets more and more hysteric with every passing moment, the temperature mounts sharply even in the otherwise pleasant March forenoon.’
    • ‘Unexpectedly Allah's messenger came to me in the forenoon and my mother handed me over to him, and at that time I was a girl of nine years of age.’
    • ‘On November 17, the naval helicopter carrying him landed on the specially made helipad in the forenoon on the campus of Farook College.’
    • ‘Though the manager had coaxed us more than once to stay back, we decided to retrace our steps and proceed to Binsar by late forenoon.’
    • ‘The Assistant Secretary was too busy to see us in the forenoon, but we made an agreement to come back later in the afternoon.’
    • ‘The outing will take in the Nenagh Heritage Centre and the lakes in Portroe and Killaloe in the forenoon.’
    before noon, before lunch, before lunchtime, a.m.
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