Definition of foreknowledge in English:



  • Awareness of something before it happens or exists.

    • ‘Well, as I said, there was general foreknowledge of the attacks in that area.’
    • ‘It simply means that our free will, within time, exists alongside God's foreknowledge, outside of time.’
    • ‘The media may not be clairvoyant, but their foreknowledge of all things electoral seems to be an entirely natural, irremovable part of the electoral exercise.’
    • ‘That goes beyond instinct; it would require a degree of foreknowledge literally psychic in its extent.’
    • ‘The only conclusion you can draw from this is that foreknowledge only extended to the timing and targets of the attacks, but not to the specific planes that would be used.’
    • ‘For all things that were created appeared in their Creator's reason because they existed in his foreknowledge.’
    • ‘The entire article amounted to a diversion from the real issue of government foreknowledge and the government's failure to act on what it knew.’
    • ‘The perspective is one of both hindsight and foreknowledge, and the predecessor is Hamlet's father.’
    • ‘He seeks to reject all foreknowledge in doing this.’
    • ‘But even with foreknowledge it can be challenging.’
    • ‘If he really did file the form a few weeks before the need for a nanny cover developed, that suggests that there either was some nanny or some foreknowledge of a need to create a paper trail.’
    • ‘That's why, no matter how in depth a study is, knowledge learned from it is only experience, not foreknowledge.’
    • ‘Because of His foreknowledge he not only makes a prediction but makes a prediction based on what He knows you will do.’
    • ‘The government had some foreknowledge from an informant as well as the buzz of rumours, but there had been so many rumours and false alarms that at first it did not take it seriously.’
    • ‘Leading Democratic operatives had foreknowledge of this story as early as July and were telling friends about it back then.’
    • ‘Yes, there is the element of consent and the obvious foreknowledge that physical contact sports carry an inherent risk of injury.’
    • ‘Watching a movie without any foreknowledge was an unusual treat.’
    • ‘Could some of the individuals brought down in this catastrophe have had astrological foreknowledge?’
    • ‘With films, you might have been showered with trailers and pre-release buzz, or you might have gone to see it on a whim, with no foreknowledge.’
    • ‘The resulting instability in the economy, particularly on the stock markets, allows anyone with foreknowledge of the rise or fall to exploit that knowledge to make extreme profits.’
    far-sightedness, foresight
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