Definition of foreign service in English:

foreign service


  • 1The government department concerned with the representation of a country abroad.

    • ‘Upon employment in the foreign service and at the start of every succeeding year of service, diplomats shall be paid a representation allowance of up to two months’ salary.’
    • ‘World War I delayed the enactment of Home Rule, and Redmond suggested that the Irish Volunteers be used for internal defence, not for foreign service.’
    • ‘A career member of the senior foreign service, Beyrle currently serves as deputy chief of mission in Moscow and is considered to be one of the leading US experts on Eastern Europe.’
    • ‘Lee is a career diplomat with a record of almost 40 years in the foreign service.’
    • ‘In addition to the historical antipathy of Americans to colonial empires, Ferguson cites the preference of elite school graduates for business careers as opposed to the foreign service.’
    • ‘D. students who do not continue at research institutions do very well in government, foreign service, or the private sector, and many make good money.’
    • ‘As the title of the work suggests, it is not a celebration of the three men's work as legislators or, in the case of Adams or Jefferson, presidents, but as members of the original American foreign service.’
    • ‘If Pius XII never approached that level of moral depravity, it is still fair to say that he was a cautious, passive diplomat, conditioned by his training in canon law and his career in foreign service to proceed with prudence and discretion.’
    • ‘After graduating from Princeton, he entered the foreign service with ‘the feeling that I did not know what else to do.’’
    • ‘Those people going into foreign service have a task to sell the country, its culture, integrity and pride.’
    • ‘As to his future plans, the ambassador said that even though he was retiring from Ireland's foreign service he would continue to help promote a relationship between his country and Bulgaria.’
    • ‘There is a great demand for individuals fluent in English and Urdu from educational institutions, British foreign service, armed forces, TV channels, radio stations, service industries and the film industry.’
    • ‘That is not the point; the point is whether or not this is foreign service.’
    • ‘I think you're quite mistaken on this one, and you do a disservice to perpetuate the myth that the professional foreign service is not to be trusted and only the politically anointed can serve their country honorably.’
    • ‘You spend your whole career in the foreign service, working at embassies around the world.’
    • ‘In 1991 Sikaneta was appointed chairperson to work out conditions of service for foreign service officers, it was also in the same year that the first rules and regulations were made for Zambians working in foreign service.’
    • ‘But he said his two grown up children - a daughter and son - were not interested in joining the foreign service.’
    • ‘After the war Kirkland took night courses at Georgetown with an eye toward a career in the foreign service.’
    • ‘If you thought members of the foreign service breathe, eat, drink and sleep diplomacy, come again.’
    • ‘He had, indeed has, a sort of stellar quality unmatched by all but one or two of his former colleagues in the Australian foreign service.’
    • ‘The Waterford native also celebrated his retirement from the foreign service among the Irish community in Sofia, which numbers ‘between 30 and 40, at least that we know about,’ he said.’
    • ‘The foreign service and the military, for example, rotate young officers, paying special attention to the ablest.’
    • ‘They held the rank of third secretaries and in the foreign service you don't get any lower.’
    • ‘First of all, I think it's important to understand that when I joined the foreign service I swore an oath to defend and uphold the constitution of the United States.’
    • ‘It is probably not coincidental that this was the one case where the protests of American officials in the foreign service were legitimated daily by sustained public and press activism outside Foggy Bottom.’
    • ‘Because space was at a premium, knockdown furniture figures prominently in the gentleman officer's choice of furnishings while in the foreign service.’
    • ‘He would restore effectiveness to a foreign service that, within his government, Evatt created from almost nothing after 1941.’
    • ‘The United States is very fortunate in our civil service, our foreign service, our military.’
    • ‘Even though my husband has been in the foreign service for 35 years, he has been a diplomat mostly in this part of the world.’
    • ‘Hordes of graduating students across Canada write exams every year for roughly 100 openings in the Canadian foreign service.’
    • ‘The administration of the customs and of the foreign service has always been conducted according to bureaucratic principles.’
    • ‘The practice of American presidents of using their foreign service as a dumping ground for failed politicians, personal cronies or generous benefactors has been around for a very long time.’
    • ‘Two of the guests were classmates of hers at Yale and the husband was in the foreign service at the US embassy in Prague.’
    • ‘US-based Asma Barlas is a native of Pakistan, where she was one of the first women to be appointed to the country's foreign service.’
    • ‘Foreign Minister Hassan Wirayuda is a professional diplomat, and is one of the brightest in the foreign service.’
    • ‘It has long been an American tradition that about half of all ambassadorial appointments, and a large number of senior posts in the state department, have been drawn from outside the career foreign service.’
    • ‘He entered the Austrian foreign service from university and was Foreign Minister 1968-70, before being elected successor to U Thant at the UN.’
    • ‘It is probable that such nationally distinctive colours were only worn on appropriate occasions, such as on foreign service.’
    • ‘Secretary Eagleburger, you were a career diplomat, you rose the ranks of the foreign service to become the secretary of state.’
    • ‘He's been far more than that, serving in the foreign service, from Vietnam, extensively over four decades, a dedicated public servant and a very, very bright one.’
    1. 1.1 A division of the US State Department staffed by diplomatic and consular personnel.


foreign service